KCC was formed in 2001 to market mainly the re-upholstery of furniture and interior decor such as curtains and blinds, tilling and carpeting

Company Profile

Kopano Creative Concepts is a  South African based construction firm that provides innovative, creative solutions and ideas to the world of construction and design. Established in 2001, KCC prides itself in being the brainchild of a black woman who remains as the Chief Executive Officer of the company to this day.

Having been selected to undertake construction projects for clients in both government and the private sector, KCC possesses an impressive portfolio that consists of ventures that were completed not only timeously but also to a standard that reflects excellent workmanship.

KCC has over the years, been significantly  involved in the construction of RDP housing, an endeavour that we take enormous pride in. From our inception,  KCC has been dedicated to producing projects that are of the highest standard.  Through our construction and building works, we aim to offer a level of quality that evokes a sense of appreciation and confidence in our brand from both our clients and people who are discovering our company for the first time.