General Contracting, sometimes referred to as the ‘hard bid method’ of project delivery, enables us at KCC to fulfill the role of being your site’s contractor and allows us to effectively oversee all on-site projects.

This particular role also consists of making decisions that can range from choosing whether to solely use LLC’s contracted construction staff to complete identified tasks, or to alternatively bring in a sub-contractor, of course depending on the size of the project and the amount of tasks that require completion. Our level of expertise is highly valuable in being able to make choices to questions like these, in sometimes high pressure on-site circumstances.

 Our extensive experience in this sector of construction perfectly equips us with the know-how regarding whether to procure outside assistance and with determining how long outstanding tasks will take to be completed.

Having been involved in general contracting for quite a long period of time, we have developed an innate understanding of how to select the direction that our market is moving towards. We have had the privilege of developing quality relations with local hardware traders who can provide affordable materials to your project. Our firm also possesses a trusted network of skilled craftsmen who can offer a range of high quality services and uniquely contribute to the overall standard of work being provided to your project.

KCC ensures that we constantly maintain a daily presence on the building site, in order for us to evaluate the progress of the construction work, to personally supervise our workers and to effectively manage the building site operations as a whole. 

Our KCC construction staff provide the following range of high level, building related services:

  • Site supervision;
  • Excavation work;
  • Rough and finish carpentry;
  • Structural steel erection;
  • Custom millwork and furniture and;
  • General labour.