One of the many customer-orientated facilities that KCC offers to our clients that gives insight into the construction process, involves the also being given extremely useful & valuable information on how both Law and Construction intersect.  

We provide to our clients an extensive range of construction related expertise courtesy of our “Kopano Construction Managers”. Our managers can personally guide you through each stage of the construction process which will prove to be beneficial to your knowledge on Construction.

 In the event that you form a part of a company/ an organisation that does not allow for you to discuss certain legal topics, particularly those that may relate directly to them, you can choose to alter the given scope of legal topics that KKC offers advice on.This is to provide you with a list of legal topics and information that better suits you. The choice of which list you select  is completely your decision to make, as it is dependent on the organisational structure of the company that you are employed by.  We can, however, assure you that both the traditional and edited options are equally beneficial in their own right and  both options consist of highly useful legal and building/ construction related information. 

Our highly skilled Construction Managers are willing to assist you as our client with the completion of numerous tasks, all of which will be contributory to your productivity. You can also gain important knowledge regarding some aspects of what the Construction industry involves.

 Construction Managers offer the following list of dedicated services,:

  • managing scheduling,
  • estimating,
  • budget control,
  • value engineering,
  • sub-contractor bid solicitation,
  • on-site supervision,
  • quality control,
  • cost control,
  • safety monitoring,
  • communications services,
  • total project management and
  • a commitment to delivering expert approach and exceptional value.