KCC strives to consistently be positioned at the forefront of either developing or introducing innovative and effective concepts that work in order to simplify the process of bringing our projects to life. It is this trailblazing attitude that has encouraged us to make use of a feature that enables our firm to provide a creative solution to an obstacle that many of our clients face.

As the KCC team, we have utilised a feature that only requires from our clients that they submit to us a project brief or description, stating what they envision for their construction project, and that’s all our customers have to do! Usually, a client would have to be involved in the process of acquiring quotes for the developmental phase of their project. With our Design Builder tool, we are able to phase that tedious process out.

 Whenever the “Design Builder” feature is utilised by a client, KCC automatically assumes full responsibility of overseeing all pre-production tasks involved in the development of the project. We ensure that initial processes are properly completed before the product can advance to the construction stage.

The entire project management phase of a construction project can usually be quite time-consuming, fortunately though, we at KCC can leverage our expertise & resources by making use of our access to another feature known as ‘turnkey solutions”. This tool will be made use of during the entire process of developing and constructing our projects.

Turnkey solution allows for us to avoid unnecessary and excessive expenses during the project production phase. Production time that’s involved is also significantly decreased because turnkey solutions streamlines the entire construction process from the project’s start to until it’s full completion.  This productivity boosting measure in turn leads to time and money optimization.  A good point to note is that the measures we use do not in any way affect the high quality of the construction that we have always offered to our clients.

 KCC having implemented effective alternatives like “Design Builder” and “Turnkey Solutions” demonstrates that we are a company that is wholeheartedly invested in practising the first point stated in our vision statement which is, “Customer Commitment.” Our clients can now enjoy a quick and easy experience when making use of our services instead of having to contend with outdated methods. We will continue to put into effect new processes and solutions, for the benefit of our highly appreciated clientele and to maintain our reputation of being a construction firm with a difference.